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domestic staffing at its core

Domestic staffing is high in demand amongst the most prominent members of society. Choosing the right domestic staff can be a time-consuming and daunting process. Beyond that, the interviewing process can be even more challenging. Vetting Candidates requires a specific skillset in which Serafina Staffing specializes in.

Residing in a well-maintained space requires making the right staffing decisions.

Domestic staffing at its finest

Serafina Staffing combines its expertise and structure to provide the best talent in the industry, to meet the high standards of our Clientele. We deliver the organization and power performers which suit your individual needs, the needs of your home and your lifestyle. Having the right support system in place supports a lifestyle of luxury.

Serafina Staffing can restructure your staffing by providing high caliber Candidates and also the information that you need to manage the staff in your home.


a boutique Agency vast in expertise and Structure

With a base office in Manhattan, and satellite offices spreading to the west coast, Serafina Staffing leads in its ability to cater to some of the worlds most high profile persons and estates.

Serafina Staffing maintains the highest standards and best practices in the industry. We strive to give you quality over quantity in every way and to understand the specific nuances in your environment for the best results.

Serafina Staffing is a woman-owned business. The founder worked in the domestic industry for high profile estates and celebrity employers for over a decade. The founder’s background in education and psychology, combined with a hands-on management style, has set the company apart from other agencies.

We maintain a database of Candidates, and they, as well as our Clients, return to our agency repeatedly due to our high rate of success with placements.

our standards

We understand that placing trustworthy staff in your home and near your loved ones is of the utmost importance for any family and head of household. That is why we offer the most comprehensive background investigation available in the domestic industry today.

Candidates are vetted through a vigorous screening process which includes formal and intense background checks. You are provided the information which we collect during this process for your records.

We uphold the highest standards to ensure successful staffing arrangements between our Clients and Candidates.